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YouTube says “Ignore the popular opinion!”

July 4, 2009 Leave a comment

If anyone frequents the YouTube blog, you would know that YouTube announces a forced change for all existing channels. As of July 15th, all existing YouTube channels will be converted into a new channel called Channel 2.0.

The beta channel as it is also called, has been released for the last couple of months, with theĀ  option of testing it out. The official YouTube Channel Beta blog is here. Brian Glick of YouTube’s development team is head of the project.

Despite negitive feedback from many users, YouTube continues to promote the new channels. With many anti-beta videos uploaded within the first day public release of the change.

My Opinion
It isnt a bad idea actually. I changed my channel design when I first heard of the forced change. There are some problems with it (slowness, lack of background visibility, getting rid of the Vlog). I support the new channels.

To view my channel design, click the link in the sidebar or simply click here.