Songs To Get High To

Songs To Get High To

Here you can download Songs To Get High To! After a month of planning and a week of collecting songs, its finally uploaded! Songs To Get High To is a collection of various 70’s psychedelic songs that [if used with the right drugs ;)] can give you a trippy illusion

Songs To Get High To

Download Instructions
(If you already know how to use and WinRAR files, skip this)


1. Click the link (its right above you, look up…GOOD! Click it!)
2. You will be at
3. Click “Free User”
4. Wait 60 seconds (or until the timer goes down)
5. Click the pretty blue download button

6. Click “Open”
7. WinRAR should open up. If it doesnt work, download WinRAR (free) here:
8. Highlight the folder named “Songs To Get High To” (duh)
9. Click “Extract”
10. Pick a place to move it to
11. Click “Ok”
12. Get your favorite drug of choice
13. Listen, close your eyes, tip your head back, watch the light show

© 2009 Songs To Get High To by MicroNik95 All restrictions apply under Creative Commons Licence.

  1. August 28, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    This is freakin’ awesome! Thanks a lot :D !

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