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YouTube Slow On Channels and Changes Header

For those who view the YouTube Beta Channel Blog recently, youll see that our good (to some people) friend (to some people) Brian Glick (to some people) hasnt made a post in…a month! A big round of applause to the “hard working” young and “experinced” men and women changing the channels (like a remote, their to lazy to get up and change it themselves). Im expecting the new channels in a month…..and a year……..better make that a year and a half to be safe.

In OTHER news,

YouTube recently changed their Masthead! The thing at the top of the page! It looks “sleek” and “stylish” and “new” and “easier”. While the new header DOES look nice…kinda…it replaces the big and easy to find (for the “special children”) buttons (that I liked), they are now just small, blue, boring words….just words….like this…..and this……..Its so simple I can do that!

Videos Channels Subscriptions Shows

Oooohhh! Fancy!

While on fancy, Im using WordPresses new iNove theme! Create a blog at wordpress.com <—more blue!

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