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Transparency Added and Release Date Change

One of the many hate reasons of the new Channels 2.0 is the not being able to see the channels background. However, Transparency is now added to the new channel design.

A quote from the YouTube channel blog:

We’ve now added transparency settings. Try it out under the “Advanced options” in the “Themes and Colors” section – and be sure to call out any designs you’re particularly proud of in the comments. We’d love to show it off in the list of channels on the right hand side of this blog. In fact, you can now modify two different levels of transparency: One for the modules, and one for the wrapper. (The wrapper can even be completely transparent.)

Here is my latest channel design with the transparency. You can view my page through the link in the sidebar or simply click here.

channel transparent

Channel Release Date Changed

To the delight of many opposers to the upgrade, the release date was pushed back from July 15 to a later date. A list of things the team will be working on:

Well, July 15th is almost here, and we realized that we still have a few bugs and things left on the to-do list.

Specifically, here’s what we plan to do before we roll the new version out to all remaining channels:

  • Fix some browser-specific layout bugs – in particular, IE6 has a few issues right now
  • Allow you to default your channel to “grid” view
  • Allow you to re-order your uploads & playlists
  • Some other small things, including fixes for some of the other bugs you’ve helped find (such as grid view not always working in IE)

Heres a little unknown fact about July 15…
It was the day of the final plot to kill Adolf Hitler back during WWII. I learned THAT in Valkyre!

Also, I added 2 new uploads to my channel.


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