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YouTube moves blog

Recently, YouTube made an update to its official blog. Moving to BlogSpot as a provider. The URL for the new blog is http://youtube-global.blogspot.com/. However, http://www.youtube.com/blog is still active. The new blog looks the same as the old one and works the same, exept for the requirement to sign in to a Google account, wordpress, blogspot, Open ID, LiveJournal, TypePad, or Aim to comment on a post.

For a long time our blog hasn’t used the latest blog technology — not only was publishing posts a time-consuming process, but you couldn’t search through our archives or find posts grouped by subject. Well, we’re finally catching up and have migrated over to Blogger, a more flexible blogging platform that heeds the call for better navigation and organization. (But be aware that if you want to comment on a blog post, you’ll need an OpenID, or a Google account, to do so. Connecting your YouTube account to your Google account should make the process pretty seamless.)

We’re still fixing a few things here and there, and a few posts with large numbers of comments are still migrating over, but overall we hope you will find this to be a better blog-reading experience.

Despite the requrement to sign in, the blog is more navigatable to find a post your looking for.

More on YouTube blog news, Im adding a RSS feed widget for the YouTube blog and the Beta Channel blog.

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